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New Admission New Admissions are open for B.Sc (Nursing), G.N.M, A.N.M, B.B.A, B.C.A, P.G.D.C.A and B.Ed.

Rules & Regulation

  • Every students admitted to the B.Sc (Nursing) Course shall have to follow rules and regulation of the Nursing College.
  • Every student will have to attend classes and practical work regularly as per university requirements.
  • In case of illness, permission shall have to be obtained from the principal to remain absent from College.
  • Rules and regulation of the hostel shall have to be followed and order of the warden adhered too.
  • Every student shall have to remain in the hostel. Staying outside the hostel will not be allowed. Parents and guardian, of the students may appoint any body as local guardian is so desired. In case of appointment of local guardian, the entire personal data along with the photograph of local guardian will have to be submitted. On the request of local guardian, if a student will allowed to go out of the hostel, the responsibilities will be of the parents who have appointed the local guardian.
  • The local guardian can see their ward on Sundays only. In case of emergency, permission shall have to be obtained from the warden.
  • The students will be allowed to go for shopping once in a month on a holiday.
  • All students shall have to follow rules and regulation of the college and hostel. No students will be provide any extra facilities nor the requests entertained for providing electrical appliances, almirah, stool, chair etc other than those provide by the college.
  • Two days per week are reserved for creative works.
  • Original certificate will be returned after completion of bound service.


At the time of admission to the said course candidate will have to pay the prescribed fee to get herself/himself enrolled with Kumaun University, Nainital and submit all required certificates as required by the university from time to time and automatically a student become a member of Students Nurses Association of India.


At the students will have to abide strictly by the rules and regulation of the college and hostel during their studies. Any violation will be strictly dealt with enforced from time to time. The Principal reserves the right to rusticate students found including in acts prejudicial to the interest of the institute or involved in gross indiscipline or immoral act etc.


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college as well as in the hostel. Students must maintain the cordial relationship with each other.


In case of any dispute of the principal will be final and territorial jurisdication for suing shall be limited to Rudrapur only.